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Guess whoooooo!!!
it’s the great captain Alan of the Rika!!

yeah.. i’m planning on writing a fanfic entitled “Alan in wonderland “
Sorry for the poor editing… i just used my tiny phone to edit that. :/
Dunno how long it will take to write and edit pics.. but I’ll start writing as soon as I get a job….


Sure thing hikarunohana xD


In Your Arms Tonight Season 2 - Shu Mishima [Main Route] Jpn

Shu is 27 years old, the MC’s first love during high school ^^ The screenshots are Shu during his high school days! He’s different from Genji in IYATS1 such that he ain’t self-conceited like him. Shu is sweeter (@´_`@) He’s boorish and cool, and he’s a lawyer~ (;

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yay! Keith’s dakimakura is finally finisheeeed!
This is musicgirl808's giveaway prize! I hope it was worth the wait!
Close up because I like how I made his eyes


Since it’s a really big file, I uploaded here just the low quality version, if you try to make a dakimakura out of this it’s going to turn out bad.
That’s why you should e-mail me at to have the image with best resolution!

Also, a big BIIIIG thank you to otomesass​ who helped me not to screw up his anatomy! You’re the best!

I’m going to make another giveaway soon, so stay turned guys!

-Please do not repost without asking-



T-thank you! (I just saw that you tagged me asdhsjkf)

Keiiiith!!!! lower!!! pull that pants lower!!!xD

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